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XO Cookies by Hello Naomi

XO Cookies by Hello Naomi
Cookie UnitsPrice
25 x 3 { XOX cookies}$350
50 x 3 { XOX cookies}$600
75 x 3 { XOX cookies}$750
100 x 3 { XOX cookies}$900

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XO Cookies by Hello Naomi
These sugar cookies are made from the freshest i
ngredients including Naomi's vanilla bean syrup - yummo!
Packaged in a set: two X, one O in a cellophane bag. 
Great wedding, bridal shower favour.
Pink in colour - if you would like a custom colour please add it in your comments.

Order an Imprintables sticker or tag to coordinate with your invitation.

Prices for set of three cookies, packaged in cellophane and includes postage.