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Terms and Conditions

The Exciting bits:

All artwork, concepts and ideas remain the property of Imprintables and must not be used by the client under any circumstances.

Contact information (email address, telephone number, address, etc.) from the order form is used to send your orders and information to you. Your contact information is saved to receive newsletters from imprintables.


Delivery and Product Disclaimer 

Imprintables makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, for any and all products and/or services that it supplies. Imprintables will not be held responsible for any and all damages resulting from products it supplies. Imprintables is not responsible for any loss, or consequential loss of data, or non-delivery of products or services, of whatever cause. While we take reasonable steps to investigate the materials we recommend, we accept no responsibility for the performance or quality of materials or any consequential loss arising from their failure. The customer agrees not to hold Imprintables responsible for any such loss or damage.


Artwork Colour Variations

Printing may have colour variations from what you have seen on screen, to what the final product looks like. this is due to the nature that each computer scressn reads reads differently gue to the colour collarbortion and gamma. No reprints at our expense will be printed.


Stationery products are handcrafted by imprintables. Due to this nature of this productions imperfections may occur. There are no refunds or exchanges due to imperfections.


Trimming  -All printing products are trimmed. Trimming of printing products may shift up to 3mm in any direction. No reprints at our cost will be printed.


Accepting Proofs

Upon completion and payment of the final design(s) it is explicity implied that the customer agrees that the design is free of error and omission, and agrees to not hold liable Imprintables for any errors which are noted after the finalisation of the design process. This includes design, spelling, grammar and numbers. It is your responsibility to request another copy if your proof is difficult to read. We will print exactly what is accepted in the final proof. While we do our best to ensure error free documents, It is the customers responsibility to notify Imprintables of any errors or omissions prior to finalisation of the account.


If you would like to make changes to your artwork after viewing the proof, you may resubmit your
updated artwork to receive a new proof for $25 inc gst.


Pricing - While care has been taken in posting correct prices on the website,imprintables has the right to remove or change products and prices without notice.


Returns & Exchanges - All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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